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Who are we?

About us

What is Fastdok?

Fastdok is an all-in-one SaaS documents generator, that let's you create your documents in few minutes for multiple sectors, including Business, Finance, Medical, HR, IT, Legal, Education, ...

Why Fastdok?

A lot of us spend hours searching for a standard template to create a cover letter, business plan, resignation letter, IT Project specifications, or other documents.
Then Fastdok came to handle that, Easily .. Fastly .. Effectively!

Who Is Behind Fastdok?

Fastdok is a Saas product built and managed by Overflow Digital Solutions, a company registered in Morocco No: 133519.
Our office address: 30, Appt 8, Street Moulay Ahmed Loukili, Hassan, Rabat 10000, Morocco .
Overflow Digital Solutions is a Moroccan company based in Rabat-Morocco, It's specialized in digital solutions & IT services.

More about Overflow.

Want To Know More?

Contact Fastdok support team, email us at [email protected], or follow fastdok using one of the social links below