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Document Creator for

Use Fastdok to create ready to use documents in minutes by answering few questions.

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Why Fastdok?

Easily move from classical to digital document creation & generate documents that works in minutes.


You’ll be guided along the way, your document creation shouldn't be that complex — Let Fastdok's document generator lend a helping hand, with focused questions, clear examples & understandable explanations.


You’ll create the right document in minutes. Don't get stuck searching for your document template, formatting it & filling it, while others are using Fastdok's document maker to get a ready to use document in few minutes.


You'll get a quality document that works. All it takes is a few clicks to answer questions — Fastdok's document creator will take care of the rest & will bring you a proven working document with the right template.


One document creator for multiple sectors

Generate all necessary documents for Business, HR, Finance, Medicine, IT, Legal, Education — using one cloud based document maker software.

Business Plan Business Model Canvas Lean Canvas SWOT Analysis Meeting Notes Cover Letter Resignation Letter Work Certificate Mission Order Independent Contractor Agreement Project Pricing IT Project Specs Invoice Quote Privacy Policy Terms Of Service Certificate Of Completion Medical Certificate Prescription

What our customers say about fastdok's document maker

This looks really useful, sharing with our whole team!

Greg Crank

Sales Engineer

I have been on the lookout for something like this for a long time.

Autumn Milia

Community Manager

I am loving the vision.

Katie Peterson

Sales Engineer

Just created a test invoice and a test certificate for course completion. Produces well designed and clean documents

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  •   Unlimited Documents
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  •   Document Download: WORD Format
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  •   Convert Quote To Invoice
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  •   Unlimited Documents
  •   Document Management (Save, Clone, Edit…)
  •   Document Download: PDF Format
  •   Document Download: WORD Format
  •   Items Management
  •   Share Document Publicly
  •   Convert Quote To Invoice
  •   Priority Support

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